In love with Deep Learning and Computer Vision. +10 years of experience working for/with startups, dealing with the greatest technical challenges at each. Open to new opportunities.

About Me

I'm an inquisitive person. That curious spirit made me get involved in Startups, found a company, go deep on Big Data and distributed systems and study economy among other things.

At this moment I'm pretty interested on Machine Learning and specifically Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Professionally I'm looking for a new project to get involved with, preferably related with Deep Learning and Computer Vision. So if you have any idea or proposal just contact me.

Below I enumerate some of the achievements that I am most proud of.

Developed a vineyard yield prediction system

  • Camera, light and GNSS RTK integration on ATV for nightly photo capture with precise location. All coordinated and controlled with custom software.

  • Use of Deep Learning object detection and image segmentation models to isolate clusters on images.

  • Generation of a precise yield map.

Handling 4 trillion records dataset

* Design and maintenance of Big Data **infrastructure** for an advertising network. * Design of the **data architecture** for the analytical panels making use of [Splout SQL](

Founded two Open Source projects

* [Splout SQL]( is a **Big Data database** ready to serve big amounts of relational data withing sub-second latency. * With [Tuple MapReduce]( we introduced a generalization of MapReduce paradigm by the use of tuples instead of key,value pairs. [Pangool]( is an implementation of **Tuple MapReduce for Hadoop**.

Founded a Big Data company

* [Datasalt]( was pioneer of Big Data at Spain. * The company was a profitable business. You can read the company story [here (Spanish)](

Training people on Big Data

* Designing and leading the **Big Data Expert** program at [U-Tad]( university. * More than **130 professionals** trained during that period. * Great graduate employability.