In love with Deep Learning and Computer Vision. +10 years of experience working for/with startups, dealing with the greatest technical challenges at each.

About Me

I'm an inquisitive person. That curious spirit made me get involved in Startups, found a company, go deep on Big Data and distributed systems and study economy among other things.

At this moment I'm pretty interested on Machine Learning and specifically Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

Below I enumerate some of the achievements that I am most proud of.

Developed a vineyard yield prediction system

  • Camera, light and GNSS RTK integration on ATV for nightly photo capture with precise location. All coordinated and controlled with custom software.

  • Use of Deep Learning object detection and image segmentation models to isolate clusters on images.

  • Generation of a precise yield map.

Handling 4 trillion records dataset

  • Design and maintenance of Big Data infrastructure for an advertising network.

  • Design of the data architecture for the analytical panels making use of Splout SQL.

Founded two Open Source projects

* [Splout SQL]( is a **Big Data database** ready to serve big amounts of relational data withing sub-second latency. * With [Tuple MapReduce]( we introduced a generalization of MapReduce paradigm by the use of tuples instead of key,value pairs. [Pangool]( is an implementation of **Tuple MapReduce for Hadoop**.

Founded a Big Data company

* Datasalt was pioneer of Big Data at Spain. * The company was a profitable business. You can read the company story [here (Spanish)](

Training people on Big Data

* Designing and leading the **Big Data Expert** program at [U-Tad]( university. * More than **130 professionals** trained during that period. * Great graduate employability.